Deal’s Detailing will come to a place of business to service all employees during work hours. We offer weekly, biweekly or monthly schedules. We offer our corporate services to a specific company or to property management companies. We are fully equipped and will not need access to electricity or water. All we need is the space to service customers.

How Does It Work?

A company representative can contact Deal’s Detailing, and a schedule along with an onsite location for services to be performed will be arranged. All insurance and MSDS sheets are available upon request.

Once a date and location is set, all employees or tenants will need to be notified of services, prices, scheduled date to begin and where we will be located onsite. A default date will be set in case of bad weather on the scheduled date.

When Deal’'s arrives on the specified date, we will immediately be ready to service customers. Employees or tenants can come to the location and leave their vehicle and keys with a Deal's associate. They can specify what time they need the service completed by and will need to leave a phone number to be reached when the service is complete. We also highly recommend using our google doc service sign up sheet which will be emailed to all employees by the main contact at each location!

Payment is given at the time service is requested due to busy schedules. A Deal’s associate may not be able to reach the employee or tenant when the service is completed. In a case where the employee or tenant cannot be reached, the keys and invoice will be left with the receptionist and a message will be left with the customer.

A Deal’s associate will contact each customer once their service has been completed. The customer can come and pick up vehicle at their earliest convenience.

Companies that are already enjoying our corporate services:

  • Dollar General Corporation
  • HCA
  • Skyline Medical Center
  • LifeWay Christian Resources
  • Aegis Science Corporation
  • ServPro
  • PIC
  • Phydata
  • Mosaic Consulting Group
  • Quality Resource Management
  • State Auto


In today’s economy we are all looking for convenience and how to cut the cost. Deal's Detailing Inc. offers several programs to make our services more convenient and cost effective.

Text 4 Time

Do you ever find yourself needing your car washed TODAY and have trouble remembering when Deal's will be in your area? Sign up for our Text 4 Time program and you will never have to wonder. With your permission we will send you a text when we are in your area. If you receive a text and need a service performed, just text us back.

Referral Program

If you refer a friend or family member for any detail service, we will give you a minimum of 10% off of your next detail service.

If you refer a business for a corporate account and a corporate account is set up, you will receive a Basic Plus for FREE.